Posted on: 6/21/2016

We’re thrilled to share to the story of a satisfied ProDash customer, WILCO Business Growth Strategy Consulting, LLC (WILCO). WILCO is a SDVOSB that provides all levels of

strategic business development support and senior level capture to assist small to mid-sized contractors increase their organic business development capabilities.

WILCO completed their first ProDash™ software demo in January 2016 and officially signed on in February. Willie Bermudez, CEO of WILCO, prefers ProDash because of its user-friendly dashboard and interfaces. Before ProDash, WILCO did their business development like many others in the government contracting sector realm - straight through sites like GovWin and FedBizOpps, searching manually for opportunities and having no efficient method of tracking team member tasks, recording RFP expenditures and developing tailored reports.

“There was no collaborative platform like ProDash in the marketplace. Admin was the death of us! I didn’t have time for it. Now, there’s not much data entry since ProDash streamlines the entire process for us.”

How is ProDash working for WILCO? Willie says he and his team are happy:

“The best part about it is that I am not adjusting my needs to the platform - the platform is adjusting to my needs. I’ll talk to my ProDash contact Tim about how the software could work better for my team, and the ProDash team works hard to make those adjustments for me!”

This is one of the advantages of using ProDash - our developers are constantly making unique additions to the platform to serve clients needs.  For example, since WILCO manages the business development process for a variety of clients, the ProDash team has now built in a new feature that allows users to manage multiple pipelines of business. A snapshot of pending opportunities are present in each pipeline. Even contracting companies have different lines of business they’re chasing at any given moment, so the latest software release made sense. Since WILCO was a part of this change, we invited Willie to review the new beta platform.

“It makes me feel good knowing that my company is evolving with this platform. Now I can see how many opportunities I have to review each morning and I can schedule my time accordingly,” said Willie.

WILCO is a small company that must allocate their limited resources wisely.  ProDash has helped them do just that by streamlining the business development process. They can now get more done without increasing manpower.

Let us run you through a free demo of our software to show you just how effective it can be over current business development tools you’re using in your business. Request a demo now.


WILCO Business Growth Strategy provides all levels of Business Development support and Senior Level Capture to augment the organic Business Development capabilities of small to mid-sized companies. WILCO also provides Business Development capabilities to support surge requirements to companies of all sizes. WILCO offers extensive experience working with the Department of Defense, Combatant Commands, and other complex organizations and programs at the executive level