Posted on: 5/3/2016

ProDash is the newest software in the government contracting space that’s changing the way we retrieve and pursue RFPs. It was created by contractors for contractors.

But what makes it different from the current RFP aggregators already out there? What’s unique about ProDash?

It does more than aggregate RFPs. There are a lot of cloud-based platforms available to government contractors today - such as FedBizOpps or GovWin- who compile current RFPs and provide capture managers with NAICS-based data daily. They sift through the emails and select RFPs they think would be good for their company to pursue, then enter each opportunity into an internal capture management tool that is manually updated. The problem is that this process is time-consuming. ProDash does more than pull RFPs, it filters them using unique keywords (in addition to NAICS codes) for your company. Additionally, when addendums or updates are added to each RFP by the government agency, ProDash automatically informs the user to those updates. New opportunities that are right for your company will automatically appear in your dashboard daily.  Once set up, ProDash will do the hard work for you.

All-In-One. Besides pulling new opportunities, ProDash is also a business development platform where you can manage proposals in motion, assign tasks to various capture managers and see up-to-date progress on all tasks. Rather than tracking and collaborating through email, ProDash allows team members to know others’ status automatically. It tracks each opportunity from start to finish, so you can manage more opportunities at a one time.

ProDash adjusts to your needs, not the other way around. Our customer service is like no other in the government-contracting realm. Current customers can attest to rapid-response times and how we’ve customized our platform to meet their needs! Our support team listens to your suggestions and does their best to publish regular updates to ProDash, so it works better for your company.

If you are still manually searching for RFPs and struggling to keep up with all the new opportunities available to your industry,  it’s time to consider signing up for a free demo of ProDash. To do so, please call 321-613-8651 or email