Process more opportunities with the same staff while maintaining your win-ratio

Spreadsheets and Manual CRMs are costing your Federal contracting company an average of 29K a year in wasted time per capture manager!

ProDash instantly saves your company this cost while freeing up at least 8 hours a week per capture manager. Check out how we do it.

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We have more than tripled the number of opportunities processed within a year of using ProDash
Greg Sheppard - Director of Business Development
Craig Technologies has been a ProDash Customer Since 2014

ProDash brings the Enterprise Level Business Development Advantage to all Federal contracting companies making it possible to easily work and win more opportunities.

How we add value to your organization

Automate opportunity retrieval and save countless hours

Eliminate the need to manually update opportunity data

Organize and standardize your capture process eliminating chaos while making BD measureable

Track and win more opportunities through automated pipelines

Truly allocate resources through visual reporting and employee load

Easily view BD data from the company to the capture manager level

ProDash ultimately makes it possible to work and win more opportunities with the same staff by automating and organizing the most time consuming aspects of business development.

Automate your business development process with ProDash™

Whether you're a single person company or a top 100 contracting firm, ProDash can help you to organize and automate your business development strategy.

Why? Streamlining and automating your business development process saves time and adds to the bottom line.

This video demo will highlight why ProDash™ is the ultimate business development platform for Federal Contracting companies.

ProDash™ is a web based solution that automates, organizes and streamlines business development processes making it possible to pursue more opportunities while reducing the overall manual efforts of capture managers while providing a full reporting suite for all opportunity data along the way.

Radio interview with Business Radio X broadcasting from the #i4GovCon in Tampa Florida. Tim Hagerty talks ProDash™

Tim talks about the origins of ProDash™ and why every small to mid-sized federal contracting company needs it in order to complete in today's federal contracting landscape.

Automate Opportunities
Organize Capture Manager Tasks
Fill Your Pipeline
Win More Work & Increase Your pWin Ratio

ProDash is the only tool you need to identify, pursue and execute government contract opportunities.
With ProDash, you can:

Eliminate Business Development Redundancies

ProDash™ organizes all business development efforts into a single web based platform that provides multiple users with access to view, explore, vote on and discuss opportunities. ProDash™ allows companies to eliminate the wasted time of business development that results when teams track and pursue the same opportunity without the others knowledge.

Increase Revenue

ProDash™ will increase the number of viable opportunities while maintaining staffing levels which results in an increase in customers and profit..

Easily Tie BD Efforts to Financial

ProDash™ provides the situational awareness of high level financials that are readily available with appropriate metrics to promote rapid decision making

Allow Visibility to Otherwise Hidden Schedules

ProDash™ offers a quick view of all open opportunities, capture manager assignment, capture manager and opportunity status, key dates related to opportunities, real-time assessment of schedule, resource needs and much more.

Pursue More Opportunities Without Increased Staff

Automation of the Business Development process allows companies to pursue more opportunities by focusing efforts on winning new contracts instead of searching for opportunities.

Provide Visibility into Project Costs

By consolidating all employee data, project data, scheduling, costs and other key information, key personnel have the ability to easily report on all programs with real time insight by customers