What is ProDash?

ProDash automates the retrieval of Federal contracting opportunities that match your company's custom input. We then provide a series of automated structured pipelines for your opportunities as they are being worked, all though our easy to use web interface.

  • The average capture manager spends 1 hour a day manually looking for new opportunities and 3 hours a week manually updating opportunity data for solicitations they're already chasing

    • This equates to an average loss of $29,423 per capture manager per year
  • ProDash automates the retrieval of new opportunities and updates your current opportunities with data from the source.

    • Our automation eliminates the need for manual searching of new opportunities to work and manually updating solicitations you're already working saving your company money
  • Since we automate these manual processes, ProDash frees up an average 8 hours a week per capture manager

ProDash will auto populate your pipelines with new opportunities each day from the data sources you subscribe to and update opportunity data for opportunities already in your pipelines saving you countless hours and eliminating the need to copy and paste updated information.

ProDash is your single solution for business development automation and organization

Have current or historical opportunity capture data? We'll upload your CRM or spreadsheet data for free. We'll help you easily upgrade and start working right away!

ProDash Solves Efficiency Problems

ProDash™ solves the three biggest efficiency problems facing your government contracting company.

  • Wasted time searching for new opportunities
  • Lost opportunities & lost revenue due to unorganized capture
  • Missed opportunities & missed revenue due to resource allocation

ProDash™ will revolutionize your government contracting company by shaping your business development department into a lean, efficient and effective machine by automating, organizing, streamlining and standardizing your entire business development process.

ProDash™ is your Business Development Solution.